Eric McCanus is a novelist with the misfortune of having written his one great book when he was young. Struggling to write more, recently divorced, while still missing his ex-wife, Eric becomes convinced that happy relationships are unsustainable. Determined to prove the accuracy of his theory, Eric stumbles upon a seemingly perfect couple at the market. Convinced the marriage of Cara and Matt can’t be as successful as it appears, Eric does what he can to break them apart. What follows is a psychological and philosophical comedy of errors. Liars is an exploration of love, relationships, and human interaction, a madcap romp through the vestiges of modern affairs, revolving around five characters, each spun drunk on the batterings of love while attempting to sustain themselves in a false world.

“Steven Gillis was born to write Liars, the mesmerizing, noir-ish story of Eric McCanus, a writer, professor, music aficionado, bon vivant. This lyrical, fast-paced novel is chock-full of intrigue, slight paranoia, plans gone awry, and outright mystery. One couple, pushing the same grocery cart, serves as Gillis’s madeleine. And then the reader’s taken on one fun bumpy jolting ride.”
—George Singleton, author of Calloustown

“Liars moves brilliantly back and forth between the feelings of love and defeat. Gillis is a master puppeteer; his characters embody the broken gracefulness that is alive in the everyday lives of the people around us. Fans of love stories and tragedies will rejoice over rise and fall of the characters in Liars.”
—MacKenzie Hamilton, New Pages

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